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    File : 1080538881.jpg-(127122 B)

    127122 B Anonymous 03/29/04(Mon)14:41 No.69860  
    >> Cyber Akuma 03/29/04(Mon)16:45 No.69944  
    I have no idea what it does but I want one

    I recognize the compact flashcard, the ram modules, and the CPU, so its gotta be some type of computer or computerized thingy
    >> komori !IELb9q64r. 03/29/04(Mon)16:53 No.69945  
    It appears to be a PC capable of leaving of its own power.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/04(Mon)16:55 No.69946  
    Wonder if it's got wireless... it'd be really funny if someone rooted it and drove it out of the owner's property.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/04(Mon)20:07 No.69993  
    That's awesome. I wonder how you'd cool it though, plus it'd get dusty pretty quickly.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/04(Mon)21:12 No.70018  
    can it turn on a dime?
    >> cY 03/29/04(Mon)23:31 No.70083  
    no, but it shoots faggo retards who spam eternally unfunny catchphrases with pinballs

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