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  • File : 1080820131.jpg-(19017 B)

    19017 B Anonymou 04/01/04(Thu)20:48 No.75211  
    not funny.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/04(Thu)20:49 No.75213  

    >> Anonymous 04/01/04(Thu)20:52 No.75217  
    totally awesome
    >> Anonymous 04/01/04(Thu)20:56 No.75220  
    Be sure to buy more that one if you're planning on wearing them within visual range of patriotic american.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/04(Thu)21:19 No.75242  
    >not funny.

    You're right, it's not.
    >> teh Carl !ITnaXYgcns 04/01/04(Thu)21:24 No.75247  
    Well, no, it's not funny. It's kind of like a battle in Super Smash Brothers.

    Old joke [arrow in head] -1000
    Original take on an old joke + 200
    Just existing to piss of America - 100
    Being European - As many Zhangs as you will find in a Chinese phonebook ^10
    >> GreatLemur !SGRPrwhmGE 04/01/04(Thu)22:13 No.75288  
    > Just existing to piss of America
    It's like posting furries and saying "nigger" on 4chan: They wouldn't do it if you didn't whine so.
    >> !nSa.D/ZoMg 04/01/04(Thu)22:29 No.75299  
    i have reported you to EOL for stealing pictures, as it is a crime
    >> Spooky Doom 04/01/04(Thu)05:20 No.75701  
    Of course, with luck that's simply a massive brain tumor erupting from the other side of his head, and he will be dead soon.
    >> cY 04/01/04(Thu)05:21 No.75702  

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