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    File : 1080512957.jpg-(42246 B)

    42246 BOpenGL Programming Guide bt !fKlMvOQPc2 03/28/04(Sun)07:29 No.69119  
    Because there are so many possibilities, texture mapping is a fairly large, complex subject, and you must make several programming choices when using it. For instance, you can map textures to surfaces made of a set of polygons or to curved surfaces, and you can repeat a texture in one or both directions to cover the surface. A texture can even be one-dimensional. In addition, you can automatically map a texture onto an object in such a way that the texture indicates contours or other properties of the item being viewed.
    >> Frank Stallone !jIp3Z.zKKU 03/28/04(Sun)07:30 No.69125  
    That's what she said.

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