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  • File : 1081067831.jpg-(61577 B)

    61577 BFor Faceless Coward 78622 Tex 04/04/04(Sun)17:37 No.78642  
    These colors don't run.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/04(Sun)17:40 No.78650  
    ...except when it comes to admitting to mistakes. OH NO WE BETER BLAME IT ON SOMEONE ELSE!! I THINK IT"S THE BRITISH FAULT'S!
    >> Anonymous 04/04/04(Sun)17:44 No.78653  
    america: i wanna invade iraq
    the world: umm you can't just go doing whatever you want. We have rules here you know
    america: YES I CAN GODDAMIT I'M SPECIAL! *invades iraq* hmmm crap that didn't work out very well...
    world: *sigh*
    >> Maus 04/04/04(Sun)17:45 No.78655  
    I'll stake worlds on Tex being completely unconnected to "Robert Klien" and having contributed fuck-all to "Iraqi Freedom" (retarded blathering excepted).
    >> Anonymous 04/04/04(Sun)17:45 No.78657  
    America don't just blame the British, they shoot down their helicopters when they aren't looking.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/04(Sun)17:48 No.78661  
    hmm well that sucks, hey let's go after saddam for some reason
    >> Anonymous 04/04/04(Sun)17:49 No.78662  
    >> Anonymous 04/04/04(Sun)17:50 No.78667  
    anything america does is right
    anything other countries do is only as right as america says it is
    arabs are terrorists
    don't mess with texas
    >> Anonymous 04/04/04(Sun)17:54 No.78674  
    your pitiful human wars still can't compare to when our great people invaded the Zarbums Homeworld. They were also housing possible zerg rushers
    >> Anonymous 04/04/04(Sun)17:56 No.78677  
    I Come to Zarbums Homeworld! I Smash them! I Rape Zerg rushers! You Love It!
    >> Aoikaze !AwKTe3oZmE 04/04/04(Sun)21:28 No.78864  
    I used to be proud of my country.
    >> Amonynous 04/04/04(Sun)21:38 No.78866  
    I'm proud of America; it's Americans that are bonked

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