Loli haet pizza

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...no. I don't like pizza. --Ampu-tan

Loli haet pizza is an ancient meme with an uncertain origin. It's likely that the original author intended to say, lol i hate pizza, but she or he forgot to press the space key, resulting in 4chan's most epic typo.

Elfen Lied

Nana's Everyday Life

Elfen Lied is somewhat a harem anime crossed with guro (Grotesque or more known as Gore), which makes it appealing for some. It's mostly about a girl called Nyu/Lucy who's a mysterious and deadly breed of horned humans called diclonius. She comes to live with a guy called Kouta.

Lucy/Nyu are two separate personalities of a single girl. Lucy is a cold blooded insane killer, product of cruel experiments at the mutant research facility. Nyu on the other hand is opposite of Lucy; innocent and incapable of violence. Nyu came about after a .50 BMG round ricocheted off a metallic helmet encasing her head. When Nyu is attacked violently, she regresses to Lucy. Like wise when Lucy is treated with love and kindness, she will uncontrollably switch back to Nyu.

Nana is another diclonius who Lucy dismembered in a violent outburst at the research facility. She lost all her limbs but eventually learned to use prosthetic appendages with her telekinetic powers.

Nana's Everyday Life is a disturbing (and thus considered awesome) web comic by Dan Kim with Nana as the main character. Dan Kim have a sick sense of humour and it shows up in NEL and his other works, which endears them to the typical /b/tard since 4chan pretty much revolves around that kind of humour. Conversely Dan seems to be a bit of a /b/tard himself and /b/ memes often end up in his manga. (a certain bear, one of the mascots of /b/ even appeared in Nana's Everyday Life).

Unlike her counterpart in Elfen Lied, in NEL Nana does not learn how to use prosthetics. Readers of Nurse-kun's story were quick to point out to him some of the parallels between NEL and Damaged Goods. After reading NEL, Nurse-kun personally stated that "fictions will remain that way, if I have anything to say about it."

Ghost in the Shell

Motoko Kusanagi

Nurse-kun has apparently seen this anime, and the origami crane scenes within it. This inspired him to suggest origami activities to Amputee-chan.

Motoko was nine years old when she was severely injured in a plane crash. The other survivor of the crash was a six year old boy named Hideo Kuze. As Kuze lies in his bed, he felt sorry for Motoko lying in her bed next to him in a coma. The reason for his emotion was because he know she will never recover. So with the only functional part of his body left; his left hand, he started folding paper cranes for her. According to Japanese legend if a thousand cranes are made, a wish would be granted.

To save Motoko, a procedure was carried out on her to replace her dying body with a fully cybernetic one. After recovering, Motoko returned to Kuze. Kuze asked her if it was possible to make paper crane with a cybernetic body. Motoko tried but failed as she was unable to adapt to the fine motor skills of her new prosthetic parts. She left Kuze and promised to return when she was able to fold cranes. Soon afterwards Kuze underwent the same cybernetic process.

Later in the series, taking place many years after, both Motoko and Kuze were seen on occasions to fold paper cranes single-handedly as they've grown accustomed to their new bodies.

Densha Otoko (Train Man)

Some people have pointed out that Nurse-kun's story may well become 4chan's version of Densha Otoko. Densha Otoko was originally an ongoing story on the Japanese forum 2ch. The story goes that an otaku who with the help of other posters of 2ch managed to break out of his shell and propose to a girl after saving her from a drunk on a train. This story has gone stupidly popular in Japan, to the extent of spawning a movie, TV series, manga, novel and whatnot based on it.

While 4chan has had epic threads in it's history, none of them has come anywhere near the celebrity status of Densha Otoko. The ongoing nature of Nurse-kun's story and how anonymous was giving advice to him draw many parallels between the two stories.

Of course, the difference in the nature of the two story could probably attest to the difference in atmosphere between 2ch and 4chan. If Densha Otoko came to ask for advice on /b/ on 4chan, we would have to wonder what kind of advice he would of encountered. (Barrel rolls and S.I.I.H.P. comes to mind)

Elite Beat Agents/Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan

Elite Beat Agents is a Nintendo DS game which Nurse-kun plays with Amputee-chan. It is an American remake of a Japanese game called Osu! Takakae! Ouendan (roughtly Go! Fight! Cheersquad.)

The main characters of Elite Beat Agents are members of a fictional government agency responsible for helping those in need. When someone facing a crisis reaches the end of their rope and cries out for help, the agents arrive on the scene to help them succeed. Through the dancing of the agents, the people they came to help are instilled with motivation that helps them overcome various obstacles. Ouendan is similar in this aspect but where they differ is that Ouendan are an all male cheering squad (in which Japanese schools actually support) that come to the aid and commence their manly cheering.

The Christmas stage in EBA which Nurse-kun was worried about, is about the agents assisting a young girl in reuniting with the spirit of her deceased father. Since it was around Christmas when Amputee-chan was playing EBA, and her parents died recently in a car crash, one could understand why this stage might be a bit too close to home.

At the planetarian, I mean, planetarium, the song that Nurse-kun and Amputee-chan laugh at and sing together is called "Jumpin' Jack Flash" by The Rolling Stones. It is the song for stage 26 of EBA.


Waha is a chibi version of Yamato Suzuran from the visual novel, Suigetsu Mayoi Gokoro. The chibi Waha is a creation of 2channers. Waha is much loved both at 2chan and at 4chan for... actually we don't know why we like her, she's just lovable without a need of any explanation. There's a well known dancing Waha animated GIF that Nurse-kun apparently made into a flip book and gave to Amputee-chan for Valentines.

Nurse-kun does feel some apprehension when giving Amputan a picture of Waha, as she was developed from a character in an H-game. Hopefully, she'll never know.

Katawa Shoujo

Around the same time that this story was concieved, a bunch of people from 4chan came together to make the first major English-language visual novel doujin: Katawa Shoujo. The cast is entirely made out of girls with disabilities, and became quite popular in the three years before it's first full release in 2012.

The visual novel is available for free download at their site.

Leigh Alexander of Kotaku hints that 4chan's love of "Damaged Goods" (girls with disabilities) began not as another creepy fetish, but as a wave of empathy that anons felt after reading Nurse-kun's story.

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