There are 23 chapters in this story.

[[Chapter One - Byouin Otoko|dg-1]]

On December 16th, an anon posted a thread. The anon was working in a hospital with indisposed people, and there was a new patient which he had come to realize would make an interesting story for [[Anonymous]]. The girl was 6 years old, was shockingly beautiful, and had lost three limbs in a car accident. Convinced that /b/ would tell him to rape her anyway, the anon cynically posted a thread asking whether he should do so.

The thread got a lot of suitably amused posts, but just as many other anons wanted to know the details, so he began supplying them. Anonymous also gave suggestions of things he might actually do to be nice to her, but the anon explained that he had thought about this and realized that the girl would probably tell one of her several therapists. To be affectionate was to risk his job.

The thread got a lot of suitably amused posts, but just as many /b/tards wanted more than pooper joke, and attempting to convince him to show her some actual compassion. As anger arose over his controversial first post, the anon, surprised by this outpouring of sympathy from even the worst of the worst, realized he had to summon up his courage, get off of /b/, and offer the girl the human affection she needed.

And thus the anon was dubbed Nurse-kun, the girl became Amputee-chan, and the saga began.

[[Chapter Two - Covert Ops|dg-2]]

Without the approval of anyone on staff or the legal team, Nurse-kun snuck into Amputee-chan's room at 1AM to present her with a teddy bear and a Christmasy chocolate orange. He instructed her to keep it secret from the rest of the nurses. /b/ fills the thread with spam.

[[Chapter Three - Full Disclosure|dg-3]]

Nurse-kun went to the hospital on his day off to discuss his plans with the other nurses, the psychiatrist, and the administrator. Everyone grudgingly approved, admonishing Nurse-kun to make sure he didn't let her down, or cause her mental instability to worsen. /b/ complains about whether the story is real.

[[Chapter Four - The Nightmare Before Christmas: Part 1|dg-4]]

Nurse-kun slipped into Amputee-chan's room at 3AM when he heard her crying. She had been having another nightmare about the car crash that killed her parents. Despite her telling him to get out, he reached over and gave her a hug. He wrote it down in the event log, nervously awaiting what would become of him the next evening.

The initial posts of sympathy and congratulations are washed out by the regular 4chan stream of piss as /b/ mercilessly parodies his posts and gets into a huge, dramatic, hour-long argument about whether Nurse-kun is a pedophile.

[[Chapter Five - The Nightmare Before Christmas: Part 2|dg-5]]

Nurse-kun receives a call from Amputee-chan's room and ends up comforting her from another nightmare. The other nurses say that she appears to be doing better and cooperating. The story at this point is calming down a bit. The main complaint is that /b/ doesn't want to read daily reports, although as usual opinion is divided on this matter.

[[Chapter Six - Elite Beat Loli|dg-6]]

Nurse-kun lets Amputee-chan play with his Nintendo DS. At first it doesn't look like it's going to go too well, as she used to be really good, but with her right arm missing she fails hard. Nurse-kun salvages the situation by playing left handed and demonstrating how hard he fails. The next day he calls her social worker and makes a date to visit the storage facility where all her stuff is being kept to try to find her old DS. Chapter ends as Nurse-Kun goes off to meet the social worker and search through the stuff.

[[Chapter Seven - Christmas Spirit|dg-7]]

Nurse-kun finds Amputee-chan's Nintendo DS and games in her families storage garage. He wrapped it all up and presented it to her. This is more of a brief update than a real chapter, although one wishes Nurse-kun would have supplied more details.

The lost thread

This was post 17857804 on /b/. It posted on Christmas Day, when /b/ had become inundated with Christmas hats over the first picture of every thread and everyone was posting a thread to try to make funny pictures out of the hats, so the thread disappeared quickly and was not properly archived. Apparently it was just to wish his readers a merry Christmas.

[[Chapter 7a - The End|dg-7a]]

This chapter is exclusive to this wiki, pulled directly from Wikichan and not found on Shii's or ED.

Nurse-kun returns to /b/ in sudden shock and a drunken stupor, telling a story about how the Amputan's uncaring family flipped his life upside down and took the girl with them, moving with her auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.

[[Chapter Eight - The Return of Nurse-kun|dg-8]]

First real post of the new year. Nurse-kun reveals that he actually STUCK IT IN HER POOPER. He also explained, in a great and somewhat disturbing level of detail, that what he actually stuck in her pooper was a suppository (But it was totally satire. Totally).

[[Chapter Nine - Nurse-kun Is Shit At Origami|dg-9]]

Nurse-kun, in a stunning display of originality, brings an origami book and paper set to work to make mutant animals out of. This goes well.

[[Chapter Ten - Paper Hearts|dg-10]]

More origami, Amputee-chan admits she's been staying up late to spend more time with Nurse-kun. Get in there my son! Also contains a short episode involving Amputee-chan and a disgruntled WWII vet. With almost father-like praise, Nurse-kun explains that this is one loli that doesn't take shit from anyone.

[[Chapter Eleven - System Shock|dg-11]]

Short discussion about Amputee-chan's eventual fate, and how the system fails to work. The origin of Nurse-kun's origami idea is revealed. Filler episode.

[[Chapter Twelve - Awakening a Sleeping Giant|dg-12]]

More legal bullshit, and Amputee-chan faces disgruntled WWII vet (from Chapter 10) for a 2nd time. Nurse-kun also looks for more suggestions besides origami to use with Amputee-chan.

[[Chapter Thirteen (13.2) - Two Steps Forward... (Part 1)|dg-13]]

Nurse-kun made several attempts to post this, hence 13.2 title. Nurse-kun's cousin gets info from family law friend/attorney; situation looking positive. Amputan has more frequent nightmares since Old-Dude round 2. Nurse-Kun gets permission from shrink and social-worker to proceed w/ mentoring program. awaiting ok from administrator. In other news: Amputan kicks Nurse-kun's ass in Cooking Mama.

[[Chapter Thirteen (13.3) - Two Steps Forward... (Part 2)|dg-13a]]

This chapter is exclusive to this wiki, pulled directly from Wikichan and not found on Shii's or ED.

After the initial thread disappeared while Nurse-kun was making dinner, he started a second one. Here it is. Contained within is the invitation to the 2007 Amputee-chan valentines day 4chan Valentine contest. Come up with your best valentine for the 14th's /b/ thread!

[[Chapter Fourteen - Valentines|dg-14]]

Nurse-kun returns requesting appropriate valentines for Amputan. Lets hope she never learns the truth behind Waha...

[[Chapter Fifteen - Tough as Nails|dg-15]]

Nurse-kun gives everyone an update and talks more about her situation, as well as the Waha flipbook. Apparently, /b/ did well with it. Oh, and she also beat the shit out of a paralyzed nine year old boy, but he OBVIOUSLY deserved it.

[[Chapter Sixteen - Day Tripper|dg-16]]

Nurse-kun takes ampu-tan out on a trip with her social-worker. Visits the library, planetarium, and concert hall.

[[Chapter Seventeen - I'm Spartacus!|dg-17]]

Similar to the incident in the Densha Otoko TV show, a fake Nurse-kun appears on the scene and makes such an obviously fake thread that he is forced to give up the hoax and pretend to leave forever. The thread is then trolled by other humorous Nurse-kun impostors. Hilarity ensues.

In a surprise twist, later chapters reveal that this "fake" Nurse-Kun was actually the real one, who got pretty cheesed off.

[[Chapter Eighteen - No, I'm Spartacus! (fake)|dg-18]]

A real fake Nurse-Kun (as opposed to a fake fake Nurse-Kun, which would be the same as a real Nurse-Kun) arrives and makes some stuff up. Just like the fake fake Nurse-Kun, nobody believes him.

[[Chapter Nineteen - I Hate That Girl in Elite Beat Agents|dg-19]]

The real Nurse-kun returns with shocking news. Quite possibly the most epic chapter yet.

[[Chapter Twenty - Pool's Closed|dg-20]]

Ampu-tan gets into a fight at the swimming pool, being challenged by an older girl with no arms. Also, V-Chan makes an appearance in the thread, as well as W.T. [[Snacks]]. Epic.

[[Chapter Twenty-One - Duet Dans L'Eau|dg-21]]

Ampu-tan and Nurse-kun go to the hospital to check on an internal injury sustained from her original accident. Later, our pair is caught in the rain. You will shed mantears, this chapter's so heartwarming.

[[Chapter Twenty-Two - Maison Encore|dg-22]]

Two threads in one, one of which was posted a while ago but ignored. Nurse-kun takes Ampu-tan home for some sweet sweet lov- err... soup. You heard it here first, folks.

[[Chapter Twenty-Three - Of Pokemans and Haikus|dg-23]]

Four threads over the period of about three days. Lots of interesting little tidbits, as well as the possibility of the anonymous getting to play against our beloved amputee-chan. No new story per se, hence squishing four threads into one chapter.

[[Chapter Twenty-Four - Epilogue|dg-24]]

Nurse-kun hadn't posted on /b/ since 2 June 2007. A year later in 2008, a thread about Warhammer for someone's sister suddenly had Nurse-kun comment on it. A few people start to remember him (not many, since Wikichan had been deleted by then), and press him to tell 4chan what happened as closure. After giving this account, Nurse-kun gives up his tripcode for the last time, rejoining the shadowy masses of Anonymous...