Part 7: December 23rd, 2006


Hey, /b/. Need to keep this short, since I'm getting called in to sub for someone else this afternoon, starting my double-shifting marathon a day early. After about four hours of shifting, lifting, and digging through boxes (guess it's a good thing I'm used to lifting heavy weights), I finally found several of You-know-who's stuff. I tried to keep from going through her things excessively, to respect her privacy, though what I did see made me feel bad, whenever I think about it since...athletics awards, music awards...she plays the piano and the violin, or did, well enough to...eh, forget about that. Anyway, I eventually did manage to find her DS lite, which was packed with her games, too. I took everything involved, then packed up the rest of her stuff again, and squared it back away...it was almost nine by then, her social worker having left shortly after we arrived, putting the storage company's night manager in charge of overseeing things. The shed/container/etc was locked back up, and I headed back home to get ready for work, and wrapped up her things in a small box and christmas wrapping...when I got there, and presented it to her, as 'an early christmas gift', she seemed happy to see it, though it clearly stirred up more than a few emotions, too.


Anyway, it went pretty well, all in all...need to get ready for work, so not much posting on my part today. Oh, one detail I forgot to mention...her DS lite had a Samus Aran sticker on it. Good taste in heroines...


Probably need to get going within 40 minutes or so...huh, and here I'd thought this was my 'usual' posting time. Ah, well.


Thank you for your sentiment. Any and all support is appreciated, of course, half-incoherent or otherwise. It's the holidays...incoherent is the norm. I haven't posted her name for a variety of reasons, most of which should be somewhat easy to understand...it's somewhat distinctive, if not completely unique, and while it suits her perfectly, it's a situation like pictures of her. Just probably not wise, sorry.


She holds the DS steady with her myoelectric hand on her prosthetic arm, and plays with the stylus using her natural one. She's gotten quite good at holding it steady, actually.


Thanks again. I haven't been able to settle on a good book choice yet, I'll probably wind up buying something on christmas, or something...such is my habit of procrastination. {{nurse-kun|6|8}}