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Part 1 (December 16th)

17405827 (OP)

/b/, I need your advice on something, since you're probably the ones most qualified to give it. I'm a nurse-orderly at a nursing home, been there for a year so far, I work the night shift on the west wing. It's not that tough, since most of the residents are so old and medicated that they sleep the night away, only rarely dying or stroking out or getting up to eat their own poop or something. I usually wind up playing with my DS or reading at the nurse's station for the full four hours I'm on watch alone, from 1 to 5. However, a new patient arrived a month ago, which got my attention. A seven year old girl that was in a car crash that killed her parents, and took her legs, right arm, and right eye. As a ward of the state, and so messed up by all the trauma mentally that no foster parents would touch her, she got sent here when she got out of the hospital. God, she's so cute, she's half-japanese, but has blonde hair, and the rest of her body that didn't get cut away is just perfect, she used to be a gymnast, it seems. I've had to answer her call button several times so far, when she's had to use the restroom in the middle of the night, which meant carrying her from her bed to the toilet, then holding her as she used it, and she always looks away from me when she did so, blushing a little bit.

The part of the post below is a running joke on /b/, namely, that whenever you see a little kid you should rape him or her. The reason Nurse-kun posted this is because he thought at the time that nothing would come of this thread, and he was only posting it to amuse the other website visitors. He actually wasn't being serious in this paragraph. However, it did make some people worried and will be discussed endlessly in future chapters.

Please understand that we're not going to "clean up" this story for your entertainment. You should take this for what it is: he saw a little girl at his unrewarding, difficult job, but felt it would be too risky to try to help her out in her painful situation, so instead he decided to come home and mouth off to other anonymous Internet users.

Anyway, my question: Should I stick it in her pooper (among other things)? I mean, she isn't going to be able to resist, and I can go in there when she's asleep, then cover up her good eye and mouth before she even knows I'm there, with all the drugs she's on. She's so messed up mentally that she probably wouldn't tell anyone, considering she's barely talked to all the shrinks they've had her seeing since the accident. I'm a pretty gentle guy, and there's plenty of lube around here (obviously), and it'd be pretty easy to clean her up afterward, too. Anyway, what do you think, /b/? Picture somewhat related.


17395802 (OP)

I don't think you have a job. Enjoy your cripple porn.

C'mon guys, I need your help here!


This is one of the few situations that I have to say no to.

  1. She's seven. EW.
  2. She's an amputee. EW.

IF 1 and 2 appeal to you, then you have no other valid reason why except that you might lose your job. (Didn't include any moral choice since that's probably the lease of your worries)

17396238 (OP)

Get to know her. Make her like you. Cuddle with her. Hug her, sleep in her bed with her. Tell her you love her. Damnit, now I'm wishing I had a half-japanese amputee to cuddle with.

Well, she already has a bit of a reputation around here as a trouble patient, since she can become really aggressive when she gets frustrated. So she isn't so popular with the rest of the staff, and since she's so young, there's a lot more reluctance to show any 'inappropriate' affection toward her than, say, to some 90 year old that thinks Hitler's invading Paris every time she wakes up. The main problem is that she's asleep most of the time I have her alone. What should I do?

17396426 (OP)

Pictures are required before further consultation.

Well, I haven't taken any [pictures] yet (official policy is no photography by the staff for legal reasons, someone got busted in 2001 for taking pictures of the funny things senile old people do and posting them on the net), and I don't go back to work for another 10 hours. So I have no pictures of her to give you.

17396690 (OP)

Take pictures tomorrow and post them exactly 24 hours from the time of this comment. Deal?

I'll try. But they do random searches on our bags since a new policy was enacted in june, in reaction to another nurse that was stealing narcotics. Thus, the main reason I've been hesitant up till now.

17396562 (OP)

Bullshit. good story, but no-one ever sends an orphan to a nursing home, and if she has to go, they use fucking bedpans.

Uh, yeah...they keep orphans with extreme medical and physical care needs in all the orphanages, the ones on every street corner. The ones with qualified nurses and doctors to manage their constant care. And they totally just toss the one-armed girl a bedpan, and cut the cord on the call button. Don't try and tell me how the system works, asshole, I'm part of the system, and it doesn't fucking work at all.

17396289 ###

adopt her?

17396762 (OP)

And for all those people telling me to adopt her, I'd love to, she seems like she was a really great kid, bright, outgoing, cheerful, before the accident. The problem is that people involved in the care of kids in the system often find it way harder to adopt them than someone with a less sterling record from OUTSIDE the system. It's fucked up, but that's the way it is.


Adoption? not a bad idea actually... seconded. if you're connecting with her, it might do both of you some good to take her in, if you can.

(OP) Well fine, if you want honesty, I was kind of hoping more people would tell me not to do it. I mean, HA HA, I'M POSTING IN /B/, but I feel bad for her too. Of course, I also feel PENIS-engorged for her, because my words cannot convey just how cute and soft and warm she is.

There's a difference between wanting to fuck someone until they're blind and what you're describing.

You don't want to stick it in the pooper at all.

You're feeling something entirely different, aren't you?

I suggest finding out what she likes to read, then reading it aloud to her. Gain her trust and adoration, since you know inside you would rather perform a barrel roll then raping a 7-year old amputee who had just lost her parents.

You know what to do.



ON MY /B/?!

What is this shit? If I wanted to learn about conscience, I'd go to my Ethics and Morality class at school. The internet is for lulz and raep.


The toy thing might be true though.

Lets all think of things someone with one arm and one eye can enjoy.

Teddy bears Books Movies

That's all I can come up with, I'm sure Anon has some better suggestions.

17397471 (OP)

Well, um...the problem is, if I'm nice to her, and treat her kindly, more as a friend or father-figure, she'd be likely, as a positive effect, to report it to the facility's psychiatrist during one of their sessions, in all innocence, who might then feel obligated to report that to the administrator. Who would then probably fire me for showing inappropriate affection, woo family services catch-22ism.


What kind of affection are you alowed to show? This seems pretty stupid to me, I mean, she obviously needs some kind of freind, I'm sure your supervisor and her psychiatrist would agree.

17397890 (OP)

She sounds like a smart girl, so if you talk to her like an adult and tell her that you can lose your job if anybody finds out how nice you've been/will be to her, she should comply. I mean, if she does start to like you, she should want want you to stay around, right?

I've considered that, too. I mean, she's actually REALLY smart, like, she was in a school for the gifted before the accident, and her mother was a child psychologist, so they gave her a lot more freedom and choice than the average kid would get. And she was pretty gifted athletically, too, which just makes the whole thing all the more tragic. Of course, she's also pretty broken now...extremely withdrawn, rare she says three words the whole day; at the same time, she lashes out at anyone that tries to get too close. She actually bit a psych intern who was trying some play therapy with her in the hospital hard enough to draw blood, before she was transferred here. The real problem is, if I were to try and form a bond with her, honestly, I'm afraid she'd do something to get me in trouble just to try and make me leave her alone, even if she really wants some affection.

This would be a lot easier if she was less traumatized.


FUCKING BEFRIEND HER fucker UPDATE A BLOG ABOUT IT and I SWEAR I WILL MAKE A MANGA OUT OF IT it's true, im a doujinshi-drawing weeaaboohoo. and this story is GOLD drama material

just think about it;

average /b/tard MEETS a shy half-japanese blonde cute one-eyed orphaned amputee loli



My personal suggestion? Music and books. There are plenty of devices that can help someone with one arm keep a book steady and open, etc, listening to and appreciating different types of music is always an option, and she can still write. If she's as smart as she said, she might be able to vent eventually through writing or drawing. Just give her stimulating, fun, but not patronizing things she can do in this condition. She might never open up to you, but that's ok; you're just trying to help, and it sounds like the rest of the staff really hasn't bothered with this kind of thing. (By the way, this scenario involves no rape whatsoever.) Best case scenario? She realizes that her life's not over and she has people around that are genuinely trying to make her happy.



17398333 (OP)

/b/ demands a pic by this time tomorrow.

you know, the main reason I would have not to post pictures is that she's a pretty distinctive girl. I mean, how many half-japanese blonde green-eyed (singular) one-armed, no-legged seven year olds are there? That idiot I mentioned before got busted just for posting random old people, and there are millions of those.

17398890 (OP)

Just curious, but does she have stumps? Any possibility of her getting at least prosthetic legs?

Actually, she gets bussed to a rehab facility at the hospital almost every day, where she's learning to use prosthetic legs, and an arm. It's like it's the one thing she actually cares about anymore, I hear the staff there are amazed at the progress she's making. It makes sense, though, because she really hates her wheelchair...the first time I answered one of her calls at night, I'd wheeled it out to put her in it, since that's standard procedure, but she asked me not to use it, so I carried her, instead. I guess that's the first time I thought about her in an illegal manner, really. Anyway, she wears the prosthetic arm during the day, but I'm not around then, so I've never actually seen her using it. I have seen it in her room, though; it's a nice model, probably the best in the whole facility. I guess her parents had a pretty responsible life insurance policy, so she doesn't have to deal with substandard prosthetics, at least...has a nice prosthetic eye, too, looks just like her real one, as much as a fake one can, anyway. Of course, the scarring over her eye kind of helps give it away.

17399199 (OP)

loli haet raep. lonely, orphaned loli loev caring man. years later, borderline loli secks for you.

I know, I know. I mean, I'd prefer not to rape, too! It's just that it's a really complex situation, and this is /b/. I figured I'd get 'stick it in her pooper' out of the way, to get more productive responses.


She have no relatives or anything?

If you manage to adopt and breed her into a quality /b/tard you've done the world a great service anyway. Hell, you could probably have a tear jerking bestseller written about it too. That based on a real story stamp will make it sell half a million examples in one day. Then you marry her and buy 4chan of doug and found your own kingdom, expanding all over the world, and when you die at the age of 160 you'll have your hot 1/4 japanese loli grangrandchildren at your bed crying, and the entire world would mourn the first king of Terra.

Think of what you'll be missing if you don't adopt her!

17400270 (OP)

Well, I guess I have to try, at least.

I'll bring her something christmasy tonight...she's been getting especially depressed since the facility started putting up decorations a week ago, poor kid. Good way to see how receptive she is to interacting with me outside emergencies, too. Not sure what'd be 'appropriate' or disposable enough, though...I know you're hardly the people to ask about 'appropriate' anything, but any ideas, /b/?


it's too late for a christmas advent calendar (love those stupid things) - maybe a christmas orange chocolate, the ones you get to whack really hard.

If candy is against the rules even better, just go "shhhh" and tell her not to let the other staff know she has it.

Here, the troll from 17398173 ignites a shitstorm of argument over the worthiness of this thread, hilarity ensues


get the fuck out of my 4chan, gaiafags. RAEP AND PICTURES

If it bothers you so much, then maybe you SHOULD go to Gaia, because one little thread out of a hundred in /b/ alone (and only then for a couple of hours) annoying the fucking hell out of you means you're too sensitive for the crap that gets thrown about in /b/ anyway. After all, we are in actuality the same person.


This thread was grtting epic, why you always got to fuck shit up anonymous

this is why we can't have nice things

17401287 (OP)

<3 bikko, but i think the spam has scared off the op. nice going, idiots.

No, I'm still here, I was just grabbing something from the kitchen. Cute attempt at internet dramas with the flooding, though. And I'm the cancer that is killing /b/? Nigra, please. And for the record, I had actually thought about the red prosthetic eye thing myself once, embarassed as I am to admit it. I'm not that big a Rozen Fag, though. (Though, she will have some delicious prosjoints...)


/b/ is the cancer that is killing you!


(First appearance of Desu Girl) Befriend her, then fuck her once she is out, if she ever gets out.

  1. You get sex with her
  2. You get to have pretty much all the sex you want with her
  3. You don't risk losing your job because you raped a patient


17401631 (Desu Girl)

That's cause I'm OP's girlfriend from future. He just made me look like that Suiseiseki girl from that Rozen anime. Yeah, I'm the criple and this is the year 2026. I have "delicious prosjoints" and all. I don't end my sentences with "desu" when he's not home because even after all these years it feels sort of silly.

17402997 (Desu Girl)

you would fuck with her head even more thats fucked /b/ i hate you

Oh come on, I and OP are going to be happy together.

17402270 (OP)

Can a half japanese chick even HAVE blonde hair and green eyes?!

Sure they can. I mean, I've seen one myself (you know, in her room). Apparently, her father was almost stereotypically scandanavian, bright blonde hair, blue eyes, six foot+, etc. She's still got pretty clearly Japanese-y features, mostly (luckily, of the cute kind, not the 'oh god, i see why the men raped nanking' kind), but most of her coloration is equally pretty clearly from his side of the family. Her skin is somewhere in between a pale japanese and a pale (rather than goldish) fjordish. Frankly, I'd say she won the genetic lottery, too bad about the non-predetermined alterations.


The rest of her body that didn't get cut away is just perfect

This is the perfect exemplar of what it is to be a /b/tard.

Rape is bad though, and having sex with a 7 year old permenantly damages them so don't actually go through with it.

Wouldn't want to damage the one with all the amputatiuons and mental problems, I guess...

17403691 (OP)

So OP, have you already determined your course of action?

Ok, OP here: I won't be poopering her in the foreseeable future. I mean, when /b/ can come down at least in the slight minority against doing a barrel roll into a loli, it clearly isn't the right course of action, though I guess I did know that already. I really wish I could get you guys a recording of her voice. She doesn't have an accent, because she was born and raised here in America, and her mother (the Japanese half) comes from a long line of Japanese-Americans (who disowned her, I guess, when she married Mr. Swedish Meatball, because loli's relatives/contact information is nonexistent, just social workers), but her voice...well, it's just the most beautiful thing I'd ever heard, when she first spoke to me (about the wheelchair). Even as flat and brusque as it was, it was like hearing an angel whisper hymns, and I still get goosebumps every time I've heard it since. I can't wait for tonight...I think I should bring her something else, maybe a tiny little keychain sized stuffed doll or something, or maybe a little wristband...any other ideas, guys?


A little stuffed doll could be a nice little gift. Though, if you could get away with it with the administration, give her a normal sized teddybear or something.


If she blushes in an innocent way from simple human touch after her parents have been killed and her body maimed, then either she has the willpower of ten men or her priorities are somewhat screwy.

She's also biting orderlies and speaking less than three words a day. And it was the fact that he had to hold her in the bathroom so she could take a fucking piss, not a simple touch. You make a good point though, anonymous.

17403984 (OP)

Um, I have to admit, she didn't seem to get at all distressed until she may have possibly noticed me looking down there, which I quickly stopped doing, just before I caught her looking away as well, out of my peripheral vision. I was being pretty unprofessional, it's true, since I'd never had any inclination to look at any other of my patients taking a piss before, but then, half of my patients before her were in depends, and the other half, well, I prayed for their merciful deaths every time. She's not a robot, or animuishly designed to be the perfect cold-hearted Rei-clone. She's a real girl.


DON'T: give her pizza

cos loli haet pizza

17404193 (OP)

I'll bring it up at next week's meeting...perhaps a possibility of allowing individual gifts, with the potential that it could improve morale with the rest of the patients to grandparent her a bit (well, the non-racists, anyway). This is just for tonight. Babysteps...


You DO know how epic it would be if you were to post a picture of here here, right?

It would instantly become a 4chan legend. Anonymous declares this as fact.

Look, I tried to post a longer version, but it disappeared, so I'll sum up for all of you cunts: Someone in a professional caretaking role for a child taking a picture of that child, clothed or not, then posting it on the internet, is a BAD IDEA.

This is not even taking into account her particular uniqueness, since by the time that picture had made its way around the internets, finally winding up on some disabled children's charity or advocacy group, someone will have wondered who she is, and where it came from.

And, being as unique as she is, they will find her, then they will wonder who took the picture, and they will find me. And at that point, clothed or no, innocent or no, I will be fucked in ways too numerous to mention for the rest of my life, whether I am ever charged, or convicted, of anything.

Think about it, people.

Response (A true "WOW" response)

To the OP - I'm in a similiar situation. my older sister is 20years old when she was 18 she was involved in a car crash which resulted in her becoming a vegetable. My mother is divorced and at night when my mother goes to work i have to bath my mentally retarded sister and while bathing her i cant resists but to just finger her until she cums in the bath. I cant help it i no its wrong but its the biggest turn on ever.


I hope the FBI or someone nabs ur sick ass. It is sick fuckers like YOU who should end up in Gunatanamo Bay. After her life has been snatched from her, you wish to endure more suffering upon her? Do yourself a favour asshole. ADMIT YOURSELF to NEAREST MENTAL WARD, eh?

Dude this story makes me sick. Seriously sick. You need serious help if you are fantasizing about raping a seven yr old. Actually, it's too bad this site has so many fucking pedophiles on here. Some of the stuff is good, but this other stuff needs some attention. I'll make sure to drop a note about this inappropate activity.

Frankly, all of you fucking Wanna/b/ees that are all up in arms over my situation need to take a step back and take a good hard look at both it, and at your mindless idealism.

Yeah, in an ideal world, she wouldn't be in the situation she's in. Why do bad things happen to good people? She certainly didn't deserve to have her parents taken away, any more than she deserved to lose her limbs, or she deserved to have her psyche fractured into a thousand pieces by the trauma of both those events.

But she they did. And she did. And what does life hold for her now? People in social work don't want to admit it, but people like her are completely fucked for the rest of their lives. No honest foster family honestly wants to deal with someone like her, because they're normal human beings, even the saintly ones. It's just too hard. They'd fail. And she'd get sent back into institutional care, with a mark on her record regarding her rejection, which would make it even more likely anyone else would accept her next time.

17407252 (OP)

And after this process repeated itself a few times, if the first, or subsequent attempts, ever happened at all, she'd wind up in institutional care again, permanently. Probably before she even turns ten years old.

And once she's there, she's there until she's eighteen, at least. Another eight+ years of no love, no affection, minimal contact, surrounded by senile and angry and sad old people and distant caretakers. Maybe she'll get sent to a school for special needs children, assuming they find one that'll take her, with her ever-increasing behavioural problems.

And they WILL increase, the more she's emotionally neglected, it's a guarantee with the sort of problems she has. Even if she masters her legs and arm, even if she can use the bathroom by herself, her life will be an ongoing empty pain that will only grow with every year. Odds are good that she'd find a way to kill herself, with her intelligence and impressive willpower, before she's fifteen.

17407403 (OP)

So, what's your solution? Magically turn back time to make the accident not have happened? Magically heal her mind so that her body's imperfections alone are less likely to destroy her future? Maybe you could magically heal both of them, and she'd probably be adopted right away. There is no magic. The world doesn't work like that. She has no future, not a future she deserves, anyway. The fact of the matter is that I'm probably her best chance for a future worth living, one way or another. You may not want to admit it, but it's the truth. Go fuck the holes you cut in your son's dolls and cry yourself to sleep over the injustices of the world if you aren't strong enough to face them, fag.

17408495 (OP)

Note: This was posted in a seperate thread that was posted after the original thread went overboard.

I need to get ready for dinner, then hit the mall before heading in to work. Need to pick up that stuff for her that I'd mentioned...wish me luck, guys, and thanks for the productive advice I was given. Food for thought.

The rest of you fags can go fuck yourselves.