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Pokeymans with Ampu-tan?


Interested? Thoughts? Friend codes?


I already gave you mine, but Ill post again in case.
4768 3966 1577


I put mine in an image board thread, but it died. I might as well repost. What's the worst that can happen to me?

1718 9706 0106


Oh.. I diddn't even realize this board existed. Damn.


3436 9856 1534


I don't have pokeymans. -_-


I know several of you gave them already, but, well, the thread died, and I'd been too dumb to write them down before it did. Sorry about that. Doing so now.




BTW Nurse kun, are you a student at all?


Since the other thread is getting bombed, let's move to here...


Neither at the moment nor for a few years now? Been working since I graduated.


Hey man, just curious. :o


BUT ANYWHO! I must be updated on how these pokeymans are going!!


Hey man, just tellin' you.


Would Ampu-tan like a Feebas egg? I'm gonna start gettin' some eggs.


3;< I want to play pokeymans. It's way too quiet in here for a nurse-kun thread.


I guess? I suppose I should study up on this a bit, as I'm really not all that knowledgable about the pokeymons these days, gardevoir porn and fuck yeah seaking aside.


I'm still at the 2nd Gym. Frigging EU and frigging work.


Hey Suule, You have AIM or MSN?




Do you have...... ventrilo?


how this shit am i suppose to archive all of this?!


Don't worry about it? I mean, I'm just looking into finding some way for her to be able to play with others, it isn't a big thing, y'know? I only went tripfagging while I did it, and said it was for her specifically, because I knew there'd be some people that cared wholesomely for her, and they may be good candidates.


My name on Aim is LapisJaey. >:3
Send a message(With a moderately unique word like cactus)
Then post that word here..


The secret word is:





I still say this will all end in tears.


Have a little faith.
It's true it's an akward situation, but.. I think it will work out for the better. I mean I kind of want to go into cybernetics.. I mean.. my life's goal is something like this..

1> Eat delicious cake.
2> Create cybernetic battle loli
3> .....


Try not to be too mad scientist about it. 5>, the step they never talk about, usually involves being killed by your cybernetic battle loli.


The creation turns against the creator...


That just proves her worth as a cybernetic battle loli.


You know.. Now that I think about it...........

I wrote a journal entry about a dream I had years ago.. and you sometimes remind me of how I felt when I wrote it.

I would send it to you but--..
The other option is posting it here.


Well, if I can post my drivel, I can't see how yours could be any worse. Though I can understand if you'd not want to, as it's probably quite personal.


>>33  Yeah, it is.

You have the most beautiful eyes.. the eyes I made for you.

Last night I dreampt I was a creator.. a man who creates.. Fleash and blood and brilliance in a body that was real in a dream that lasted a long time..

I remember I was in the dark.. as most creative geniuses nowadays spend their lives.. In front of computers and machinery.. I was creating life from a machine. I remember every part of what I was making.. Artificial life and artificial inteligence.

I was Creating a humanoid form for it.. 2 arms, 2 hands.. legs and feet. Problems here and problems there with the machine I made before it's completion.. It seemed to lack the ability to stand and walk with any precision. I gave it a tail. It stood.. the tail quivered and twitched about to keep it balanced.

I remember it was late and I stood talking to my computer.. the inteligence having come long before the life.. I remember the inteligence I made for my machine took me a very long time... And she was inteligent, However naive. I remember in my dream that time seemed to jump between my sessions of work.. and work would have passed.. And my machine would be more complete. I pressed her skin back over her cheeks and mouth.. and I sewed it to the skin I had placed for her ears.

In my dream the world was a quiet place. More than quiet.. it was a silent place.. so silent that it hurt and burned.. and one longed in their heart to hear another voice.

I remembered in my dream that I had given her a mousie, Cute form... And I remembered the way she stared out blankly when I first installed her inteligence.. the way she was very afraid of all the new signals she was recieving.. the way I had to teach her to know how to see.. how to move one's fingertips..

I remember growing weak and I remember her growing strong.. the way when she first spoke it seemed to startle me.. Not in my mind, But in my heart. I remember her rapidly starting to figure out her own body as my own was giving up.. By the end of the dream she was keeping me alive.. feeding me.. Going out into the radioactive world when I couldn't.. treating my worsening wounds...

I remember the way she was cradling me arround the end of the dream. Her arms were so strong.. but she was so careful.. She looked down at her with her octagonally shaped pupils.. and they dialated taking in my visage.. I could see how perfect my creation was.. She was scared.. I could see the way she had grown to know fear.. fear of losing me.. I was truely proud of her in that momment. She had beautiful eyes that I made.

Then I woke up.


do you mind if I link this thread in the Damaged Goods section of WikiChan?


Hm...I suppose I don't mind. It is somewhat longer-lived than /b/, and I did make it to 'get attention' (at least insofar as any thread is made, really). Be my guest.


Like? :3


Nurse-kun haet writing? ;-;


Nurse-kun doesn't hate.
He just isn't very good.
Delusions? Not good.



So yeah. Any idea of when you'll get your WiFi friend code?


Anyways, see you later nurse kun. If I meet you face to face some time later, don't kill me. -_-;


Well, there goes the second thread. I think two is enough. So, um, bye?


Later nurse-kun.



Awww, shucks... bye :(

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